Hi and welcome to The Fitness Academy. I'm excited to see you here! So who am I?

Let me enlighten you a little.....First and foremost, I'm a devoted husband and father to two beautiful children.

After that comes my passion. I love my job. I love changing peoples lives and seeing the joy they get from feeling and looking great or achieving whatever goal it was that we set out to achieve. My wife thinks I love my job a little to much, but I disagree!

I like to think of myself as much more than just a trainer and I think that shows in the quality of service and results I offer.

I have been fortunate enough in my life to gain experience from some of the very best trainers/coaches and I continue to develop my skills both fitness and business with world class mentors, all so I can offer you the service you need, want and deserve.

As a youngster I played a number of sports at a very high level, including tennis, basketball and cricket, but excelled in football, the 200m sprint and the discuss. I was unlucky not to become a professional athlete as many others are and this is when I decided to pursue a career in sport and fitness. In my early 20's I became involved with body building and eventually left my hometown of Durham in the North East to advance my career in London/Surrey and here I am today.

I am a crazy, mad Leeds Rhinos RL and England RFU fan and have played both codes since being in the South.

As a qualified ABA boxing tutor, I obviously love the sport of boxing and continue to train, spa and develop my skills in the ring.

I've been a trainer/coach for around 14 years now. In that time I've worked as a consultant to develop fitness products and product routines. Some of which I tested and implimented with professional clubs and athletes. From MMA to hockey and rugby to netball, I've met some great athletes and its been both amazing and a dream come true. I even appeared on a 4 page feature for PUSH hockey magazine.

So thats its in a nutshell. Now I'm 100% dedicated to you. Helping you make changes, pointing you in the right direction and supporting you to crush your goals and then some. I can't wait to meet you and start walking that journey.


FUN FACT - I'm a huge animal lover and currently have 2 rescue dogs, a 150 litre tropical fish tank and a snake! We also previously owned 11 chickens and fostered a number of dogs for Epsom Canine Rescue (only problem was, we could never let them go!).